Eda Kamis was born in İzmit in 1985.
She has graduated from İstanbul Technical University (ITU ) Interior Architecture Department which also includes 2 years architecture education.
She speaks very fluently English, intermediately Italian and she has experienced in many international projects with collobration of designers from all over the world especially Us and Europe.
She has worked as Project Manager at significant architecture and construction companies.
She mostly focused on design of residential and commercial spaces; offices, shops restaurants, and hotels.
She still lives in Istanbul but she has some partnerships in London and Milan.
She goes around these cities according to the time shcedules of her projects.

Istanbul Technical University Interior Architecture (İSTANBUL) 2003 – 2009
Kocaeli Anatolian Highschool (KOCAELİ) 1996 – 2003
Ulugazi Primary School (İzmit – KOCAELİ) 1992 – 1996
Modular Exhibition with Tetrapark by Zafer Ertürk ITU // Coburg University (FachHochschule Coburg)

Kapadokya Sketch Competition // İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi 1. Mansion Price

İnci Shoes Window Competition Summer Season
01.2015-04.2016 Sultanahmet ‘’Ayasofya Mansions’’ Hilton Curio Oteli
Seba Construction ( İstanbul) // Project Manager – Application

01.2014-01.2015 Akmerkez Serafina Restaurant ve Cognac Restaurant
Dinesty Restaurant Group // Project Manager – Application

Sarıbay House // Freelance (Kireçburnu Coast – İstanbul)

Bahçecik Bahçeada Villas // Freelance job for Pekdemir Construction (Bahçecik – KOCAELİ)
Karaman House // Freelance (Acıbadem- İSTANBUL)
Eren House // Freelance (Arnavutköy – İSTANBUL)

İstanbul Metro Trade Spaces Zonning and Marketing// Turyap ESTATE A.Ş. (İstanbul)// İnterior Architect
Biscuterie Bakery // Freelance (İstanbul) Design + Application
Flormar Shop // Freelance(İstanbul Metro) Design

Vefakent Narlıbahçe Houses // Dinamik Yapı Construction (Kocaeli) // Intern Site Controller Interior Architect

Galatasaray Stadium // Eren Talu Architecture (İstanbul) // Design + Budget